Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper On Sale Now

Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Paper is a high-quality transfer paper designed to elevate your wide-format dye sublimation printing to new heights 

With this premium dye sublimation paper, you can unlock the true potential of your Epson wide format printer, delivering stunning and vibrant results that captivate your customers.

Crafted with precision and innovation, Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Paper offers exceptional colour reproduction and sharpness, ensuring your designs and photographs come to life with remarkable clarity.

Whether you're creating personalised apparel, custom home decor, or eye-catching promotional materials, this paper guarantees professional-grade output that leaves a lasting impression.

Engineered to work seamlessly with Epson's advanced dye sublimation ink technology, this paper optimises ink absorption, resulting in vivid and long-lasting prints.

Every detail, from intricate gradients to fine lines, is faithfully reproduced, ensuring your creative vision is accurately translated onto your chosen substrate.

Thanks to its quick-drying properties, Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Paper significantly reduces production time, allowing you to efficiently produce a wide range of products without compromising on quality.

The paper's excellent dimensional stability prevents curling, ensuring hassle-free printing and trouble-free handling throughout the sublimation process.

With Epson's commitment to sustainability, this dye sublimation paper is FSC certified, guaranteeing that it is sourced from responsibly managed forests. By choosing this environmentally conscious option, you can create with confidence, knowing that your printing materials align with your eco-friendly values.

Unleash your creativity and achieve exceptional results with the Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Paper. Take your wide format printing to the next level and leave a lasting impression with every project. Experience the Epson difference today.

This cost-effective Dye Sublimation paper has an 80gsm construction that accepts moderate ink loads while offering excellent release onto a wide range of media. It ships in rolls with either a 2" (17" & 24" widths) or 3" core (other sizes) with lengths/weights optimised for maximum productivity with a minimum operational cost.

The paper suits a wide range of applications including hard surface work and fabric with a tight to medium weave and low to moderate stretchability.


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Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper - 17″ x 75m
17″ x 75m
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17″ x 75m

GJS Code: 126342

Manuf. Code: C13S450391

Shipping Weight: 3kg

Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper - 24″ x 75m
24″ x 75m
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Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper - 44″ x 110m
44″ x 110m
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Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper - 64″ x 180m
64″ x 180m
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* Sale ends Midnight 31 May 24. Only while stocks last.



Thanks again for your help along the way Michael. I know it's an almost zero margin sale for you compared to decent sales, so I appreciate you treating it like a decent sale none the less. Very professional.

Dean, WF Plastics
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Epson Universal Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper

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