Heat Transfer Presses

GJS has one of the largest range of high quality heat transfer presses in Australia. From flatbed, cap, mug and industrial textile heat transfer machines. Suitable for any transfer process including sublimation, textile vinyl or plastisol transfers.

Heat Transfer Presses / Desktop Platen Heat Presses

Our high quality desktop heat transfer presses are available in overhead swing-away for thicker products or clamshell design for metal and textiles

Heat Transfer Presses / Large Format & Automatic Platen Heat Presses

Typically used for producing individual pieces, platen heat presses use a heated platen to press flat or rigid pieces such as cut apparel, ceramics, wood, metals and more. For increased production, shuttle platen presses utilise two workspaces with a single heated platen, allowing you to prep your product on one surface, while you are pressing another product on the second surface, reducing production time!

Heat Transfer Presses / Mug Production

Need higher production than a standard mug press? Step up to a Turbo Wrapper and Mug Oven combination.

Heat Transfer Presses / Rotary Calendar Drum Heat Transfer Presses

Rotary heat presses use a heated drum which spins fabric through the press to decorate rolls of fabric continuously. These presses are designed to print fabric pieces that are too large for a platen press. Used mainly for banners, flags, and cut/sew apparel (like jerseys), rotary presses tend to be more productive than platen presses. They cannot be used, however, to press rigid substrates.

Heat Transfer Presses / Special Purpose Heat Presses

Do you want your dye sublimation product offering to reach beyond just flat and fabric items? Our desktop heat transfer presses are available in a range of customised designs for decorating uniquely shaped blanks including ceramic mugs, plates, tiles, caps, stubby coolers and metal jewellery.

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Case Studies

Case Study: House of Uniforms: innovation and success with GJS

House of Uniforms: innovation and success with GJS

House of Uniforms, an energetic and independent Australian uniform business is discovering the benefits of bringing previously outsourced printing processes in-house with the help of GJS. With these workflows in-house, House of Uniforms has even been able to launch its own range of promotional products!