Polycol Thick Coat

Polycol Thick Coat is a screen printing emulsion that's formulated for creating thick stencils and for drip-free coating on coarse mesh counts.

The Polycol Thick Coat emulsion features resistance to plastisol, water and UV, as well as moderate solvent resistance. It builds up quickly and has exceptional edge definition and resolution. Unlike most emulsions used for making thick stencils, Polycol Thick Coat develops (washes out) very quickly saving valuable processing time.

The solvent resistance of Polycol Thick Coats prevents solvents from “locking in” the emulsion making reclaiming easier.

The emulsion’s resistance to water-based and discharge ink systems works best when it is extremely dry at the time of exposure. Longer exposure times enhance durability and avoid pre-mature stencil breakdown.

NOTE: For maximum resistance to aggressive ink systems, the use of Diazo D and a stencil hardener may be required for longer print runs. 

Shelf life of 18months. Making it perfect for hobbyists 


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Polycol Thick Coat


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