Easyflow Doming Starter Kits

Entry-level manual doming starter kits


  • Create self-adhesive doming labels
  • Print labels at home or for your business
  • Ideal for short runs and sample production
  • Two doming starter kit sizes available

The Liquid Lens Label Systems represent the perfect, cost-effective solution for those seeking to manufacture self-adhesive labels in low quantities. These systems are particularly advantageous for those who need to produce labels in-house, without the need for large-scale production.

Each doming starter kit that we provide includes everything that you require to get started with creating doming labels. Each doming starter kit includes a quality control unit, a crucial component that ensures a warm, dry, and dust-free environment. This controlled environment is essential for the curing of your doming labels, as it guarantees optimum results.

By choosing to produce your labels in-house, you can significantly reduce your costs and lead times. This method also eliminates the need to adhere to minimum order constraints that are often imposed by external suppliers. It's worth noting that the cost of creating your domed labels in-house is considerably less than purchasing them from a supplier. This approach gives you full control over the production process, allowing you to manage your resources more effectively.

Doming Starter Kit 50mL

Doming Kit 50 is an entry-level manual doming kit that’s ideal for short runs and sample production. The applicator and matching Advanced2 resin cartridges are 50 ml.

Doming Starter Kit 200mL

A comprehensive manual doming system for short and medium runs. The large work surfaces and A3+ Quality Control Unit enable fast curing of domed labels in a warm, dry and dust free environment. Includes two sizes of applicator (50 ml & 200 ml) with matching cartridges and all the accessories you’ll need to get started.


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Easyflow Doming Starter Kits - 50mL Gem
50mL Gem
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50mL Gem


  • 6 extra 50mL mixers
  • 3 x Alloy work trays (345 x 200mm)
  • Curing box with base levelling tray
  • Resin applicator gun
  • Bubble removal gun
  • Spirit level
  • Startup booklet, health & safety sheets

All consumables are kept in stock and available for immediate dispatch to carry on your doming.

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Shipping Weight: 4.8kg

Easyflow Doming Starter Kits - 50mL and 200mL Pearl
50mL and 200mL Pearl
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This stuff [EasyFlow Doming Starter Kit] is fantastic! My 12 year old is behind me at present doing a run. It′s not hard at all!



Thanks again for your help along the way Michael. I know it's an almost zero margin sale for you compared to decent sales, so I appreciate you treating it like a decent sale none the less. Very professional.

Dean, WF Plastics
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Easyflow Doming Starter Kits

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