PrintGRIP Pallet Adhesive Pad New

1mm polymer gel pad that serves as a clean, reusable, and highly effective alternative to traditional pallet adhesives.

Key Features:

  • Long lifespan: with an average life span of 4-6 months, PrintGRIP offers extended usage, reducing the frequency of adhesive replacement and ensuring consistent performance over an extended period
  • Cost-efficient: PrintGRIP's longevity translates to cost savings, eliminating the need for frequent adhesive purchases and reducing operational expenses
  • Clean and reusable: say goodbye to the hassle of re-applying glue mid-job or dealing with tacky spray residue. PrintGRIP provides a clean, reusable, and hassle-free solution for pallet adhesion, streamlining your printing process
  • Enhanced print quality: experience higher quality prints with reduced lint build-up and fabric that lifts off the pallet evenly and easily, ensuring optimal printing results
  • Non-caustic: PrintGRIP is non-caustic, allowing for 100% lint removal during cleaning without any glue residue transfer to the fabric, ensuring a clean and efficient printing environment

Elevate your printing efficiency and quality with PrintGRIP!


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PrintGRIP Pallet Adhesive Pad - White Medium Tack
White Medium Tack
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White Medium Tack

GJS Code: 910040

Shipping Weight: 0.3kg

PrintGRIP Pallet Adhesive Pad - Yellow High Tack
Yellow High Tack
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PrintGRIP Pallet Adhesive Pad - Black Super High Tack
Black Super High Tack
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Thanks again for your help along the way Michael. I know it's an almost zero margin sale for you compared to decent sales, so I appreciate you treating it like a decent sale none the less. Very professional.

Dean, WF Plastics


Frank was awesome helping me set up my new printer through team view...helped me when i needed it and knew his stuff...Very happy as always with the team from GJS sydney.

Janelle @ J-Nells Soy Candles n Melts
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PrintGRIP Pallet Adhesive Pad

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