HARDENER HP is a chemical hardener used to increase the water resistance of water resistant emulsions like KIWOCOL 225 WR, KIWOCOL 300 WR, POLY-PLUS HWR and POLYCOL ONE-COAT

Unlike other stencil hardeners, HARDENER HP will not result in an un-reclaimable stencil, although it may require slightly longer time to reclaim.


Apply HARDENER HP generously with a brush or rag to both sides of the imaged, dry screen. Allow for the hardener to react a few minutes.

This will allow for the hardener to evaporate from the open areas of the screen and for the emulsion to absorb the hardener.

Drying at elevated temperatures will result in "heat setting" that will increase water resistance.

A high "setting temperature" and long "setting time” will produce higher water resistance.

Recommended drying/thermosetting:

  • 1 hour at 140° Fahrenheit / 60° Celsius
  • 3 hours at 100° Fahrenheit / 40° Celsius
  • 24 hours at 68° Fahrenheit or room temperature

Hardener residue in the open areas of the screen can be removed with an on press solvent cleaner or washed with water.


HARDENER HP can be used on all emulsions but works best for the purpose of enhancing the water resistance of emulsions formulated for good water resistance.

Results may vary when using stencil hardeners in conjunction with emulsions that exhibit very little water resistance on their own.


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Thanks again for your help along the way Michael. I know it's an almost zero margin sale for you compared to decent sales, so I appreciate you treating it like a decent sale none the less. Very professional.

Dean, WF Plastics
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