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POLYCOL ONE-COAT is a high solid, very-fast exposing, pre-sensitised, blue SBQ emulsion specially formulated for printing with discharge, water-based, and plastisol inks.

POLYCOL ONE-COAT’s high solids content provides printers with quick stencil build up. High resolution and good mesh bridging combined with its good exposure latitude make it suitable for fine detail printing.

TIP: To optimise the emulsion’s resistance to water-based and discharge ink systems, be sure the emulsion is extremely dry at the time of exposure. Also, select the longest possible exposure time to enhance durability and to avoid pre-mature stencil breakdown.

NOTE: For maximum resistance to aggressive ink systems, the use of Diazo D and a stencil hardener may be required for longer print runs. 


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Polycol One Coat -  
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1 Quart

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Polycol One Coat -  
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1 Gallon

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Polycol One Coat

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