GJS Direct-to-Film (DTF) D300 Speed Oven New


Speed up your direct-to-film (DTF) production with a powder-melting and ink-curing oven from GJS.

Designed especially for use with GJS' range of direct-to-film (DTF) printing solutions, and featuring six heat tubes generating internal temperatures of up to 150 degrees celcius, the GJS direct-to-film (DTF) D300 speed oven can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to melt the Thermo Adhesive Powder and cure the ink before transfer to a substrate.

The addition of a separate, specific curing device to the DTF production process means that other heat transfer presses and/or tunnel dryers can be freed up for other use.

Featuring an intuitive and easy to use control system, simply select the desired temperate and when the oven reaches temperate the film is inserted using the slide in/out tray to ensure the maximum amount of heat is retained within the device.

The six heat tubes and oven seal also allow for full-edge to edge curing, meaning that you can take full advantage of the size of your transfer film and the uniform heat means there are no 'cold spots' where powder or ink is not cured correctly.

With an automatic timer and alarm to ensure the film is not scorched, the GJS direct-to-film (DTF) D300 speed oven can cure film up to 610mm X 460mm.


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GJS Direct-to-Film (DTF) D300 Speed Oven -  
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GJS Direct-to-Film (DTF) D300 Speed Oven


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