GJS SafetyFlex - Heat Transfer Vinyl for High Visibility Work Wear

GJS Safety Flex is the perfect product for capturing the highly lucrative workwear, tradie and high-vis customisation market.

Its reflective properties enhance visibility during sporting activities and professional use. Transfers are perfect for application onto high-vis vest, hats, t-shirts and other accessories and PPE to increase safety.

Recommended Fabrics

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester
  • Polyester-cotton blends
  • Acrylics
  • Similar fibres

Preheat garment.

Transparent, self-adhesive polyester carrier film for easy positioning onto material.



Roll Width


Pressing Time


Pressing Temperature



210 microns

Pressing Pressure




Max Washing Temperature


Washing Instructions

Wash inside out without bleach or any aggressive washing products

Dry Cleaning


Ironing Instructions

Inside out only


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GJS SafetyFlex - Heat Transfer Vinyl for High Visibility Work Wear - Pro Silver
Pro Silver
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Pro Silver

Certified EN 471, class II for safety applications

GJS Code: 160197

Shipping Weight: 0.19kg



Thanks again for your help along the way Michael. I know it's an almost zero margin sale for you compared to decent sales, so I appreciate you treating it like a decent sale none the less. Very professional.

Dean, WF Plastics
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GJS SafetyFlex - Heat Transfer Vinyl for High Visibility Work Wear

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