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GCC Drafting Laser Positive Film is specifically developed for application in the graphics arts market, and is an absolute must for those dependent on a quality laser-printer film in order to achieve the highest level of black toner density without hassle and fuss.

GCC Laser Positive Film is two-sided mat, with an anti-halo coated surface to deliver the blackest of blacks when it comes to toner density.

GCC Laser Positive Film is µm90 thick and coated on a very stable thermal base. It also employs a special thermal coating which produces less curl and waving of the imaged film than competing products using thicknesses ranging from µm 100-115.


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All in all, I can only comment most favorably on the products and support from GJS is always forthcoming.

Bev Salant


Kelly understands and endeavours to despatch items at short notice, with a 3 day freight to us we dont always have the luxury of time. Greg and a wealth of information on all the products and Michael is such a lovely guy when it comes to sorting out my technical issues. The others I am sure are just a terrific but I have not had the opportunity to deal with them.

Rosemary Mortensen
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GCC Drafting Laser Positive Film

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