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FOTECHEM 2005 is a ready-to-use paste that can be used for removal of stencil emulsions, direct/indirect films and capillary films from all meshes.

Directions for use:

• Apply from both sides of the cleaned stencil with a stiff, metal free, brush.

• Use this paste to decoat (reclaim) screen emulsions and photopolymer films. It does not work on gelatine films.

• Clean stencil from ink. Then brush on the paste from both sides. Let stand for the necessary time.

• Wash away the stencil with a high-pressure water spray from bottom to top. It is important to ensure that the screen is free from ink residues before decoating.


• Do not let dry the remover paste on the stencil. Water resistant emulsions need a longer reaction time for decoating than solvent resistant emulsions.

• Underexposed stencils become considerably more difficult to remove.

• If the wrong ink or an inadequate cleaning agent is used (in relation to the type of emulsion or film), the removal can become difficult.

• Chemically hardened emulsions cannot be decoated.

• The use of an inadequate light source in relation to the type of emulsion can cause removal difficulties


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Fotechem 2005 Stencil Remover Paste -  
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Fotechem 2005 Stencil Remover Paste -  
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Fotechem 2005 Stencil Remover Paste

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