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GJS is Australia's leading supplier of high-quality DTF printing products offering a range of direct to film (DTF) printers, supplies, accessories, consumables, film, powders and more.

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Direct to Film (DTF): Unleashing the Potential of DTF Printing

Direct to Film (DTF) printing has emerged as a game-changer in the world of garment decoration and textile printing. At GJS, we understand the importance of quality DTF supplies and accessories in achieving exceptional print results. With our comprehensive range of DTF printing materials and consumables, we are your trusted source for all things DTF.

DTF film is a key component in the DTF printing process. It acts as a carrier for the ink, allowing for precise and vibrant prints on a variety of fabrics. At GJS, we offer high-quality DTF film that ensures excellent adhesion, colour vibrancy, and washability. Our DTF film is designed to provide outstanding performance, making it a reliable choice for your DTF printing needs.

GJS is proud to be the leading supplier of DTF supplies in Australia. We offer a wide range of DTF accessories and consumables to support your printing operations. From adhesive powder to DTF ink and cleaning solutions, we have everything you need to achieve professional-grade DTF prints. Our DTF printing supplies are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring consistent quality and reliable performance.

For those new to DTF printing, GJS offers direct-to-film starter kits. These kits provide all the essential tools and materials to get started with DTF printing, including DTF film, inks, powders, and other necessary accessories. Our starter kits are designed to simplify the onboarding process and help you unleash the potential of DTF printing in your business.

By choosing GJS as your supplier for DTF supplies and accessories, you can access a comprehensive range of high-quality DTF printing materials and consumables. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our industry expertise, ensures that you have the support and resources you need to succeed in DTF printing. Elevate your printing capabilities and explore the world of DTF with GJS as your trusted partner.

Why Choose GJS for Your DTF Supplies and Accessories

When it comes to DTF supplies and accessories, GJS is the trusted choice for businesses in Australia. We offer a range of compelling reasons why you should choose us as your supplier for all your DTF printing needs.

GJS provides an extensive selection of DTF supplies and accessories to cater to your specific requirements. From DTF film and inks to release powder and hot melt adhesive powder, we have a wide range of products to support your DTF printing operations. Our diverse selection ensures that you can find everything you need in one place, saving you time and effort.

We prioritise quality in every aspect of our DTF supplies. Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers known for their commitment to excellence. With GJS, you can trust that you are getting high-quality DTF materials that deliver consistent and reliable results. We understand the importance of achieving vibrant and durable prints, and our supplies are designed to meet those expectations.

GJS is more than just a supplier; we are your partners in success. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience in DTF printing. We are here to provide guidance, support, and troubleshooting assistance to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. Whether you have questions about product compatibility or need advice on optimising your DTF printing process, we are here to help.

At GJS, we are committed to providing reliable service to our customers. From efficient order processing to prompt shipping, we prioritise timely delivery so you can keep your production running smoothly. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and fulfilling customer expectations, and we strive to exceed those standards.

GJS stays at the forefront of the printing industry, constantly exploring new technologies and innovations. We regularly update our product offerings to ensure that you have access to the latest advancements in DTF printing. By choosing GJS as your supplier, you can stay ahead of the curve and offer cutting-edge printing solutions to your customers.

Choose GJS as your trusted supplier for DTF supplies and accessories, and experience the difference in quality, support, and reliability. With our extensive selection, commitment to quality, expert guidance, reliable service, and dedication to innovation, we are your partner in unlocking the full potential of DTF printing.

Success Stories

Case Study: [VIDEO] Coast Imagewear conquering customisation with DTF

[VIDEO] Coast Imagewear conquering customisation with DTF

Coast Imagewear is a Sunshine Coast based business doing big things with its Brother garment printer from GJS. Traditionally difficult to decorate, Coast Imagewear is using DTF to conquer the customisation of workwear, high-vis and a range of other products.