ROQ Printing Equipment

ROQ Printing Equipment

ROQ is the world's fastest-growing provider of innovative solutions for screen printing, DTG, garment packaging, and drying. ROQ's wide range of high-quality machines and accessories are available exclusively through GJS in Australia.

Screen Printing Equipment / Automatic & Hybrid Screen Printers


Tunnel dryers and flash curers and ovens for your print products.

Garment Packaging

Automatic t-shirt folding, t-shirt bagging, garment packaging and labelling solutions.

Direct to Garment DTG Printers / Garment Printers

Direct to garment printers, also known as DTG printers and digital garment printers can print directly onto textiles and garments using specialised inkjet technology.

Direct to Garment DTG Printers / Pre-Treatment Machines

Pre-treatment is a critical step in the garment printing process, important for ensuring the fibres of the garment stay flat and smooth and allowing the white ink to set properly, giving you vibrant prints. GJS has a range of Pre-Treatment machines for any level of production.

Heat Transfer Presses / Large Format & Automatic Platen Heat Presses

Typically used for producing individual pieces, platen heat presses use a heated platen to press flat or rigid pieces such as cut apparel, ceramics, wood, metals and more. For increased production, shuttle platen presses utilise two workspaces with a single heated platen, allowing you to prep your product on one surface, while you are pressing another product on the second surface, reducing production time!

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