[VIDEO] Do you even print bro? Customisation comes to Crossfit Supremacy

[VIDEO] Do you even print bro? Customisation comes to Crossfit SupremacyCrossfit Supremacy is a Crossfit gym located in Padstow, NSW. Working with GJS, it recently brought its branding and promotional product printing in-house and can now create hundreds of customised products for its members.


Crossfit Supremacy is a Crossfit gym located in Padstow, which is in south-west Sydney. We've got roughly about 100 members now, and we've been operating for six years.

The main purpose of Crossfit Supremacy is to make sure all levels of fitness are covered, from the professional athlete, down to the regular Joe. We want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to train and do fitness, and the main purpose of Crossfit is to ensure functional movement, and that we are ready for anything that gets thrown at us, general physical preparedness - basically.

Creating a brand is important for a business, especially here at Crossfit Supremacy, so what we wanted to do is promote our brand through multiple products. So through shirts, through bottles, through all that sort of stuff. And we were really limited by the run size that we could create here due to the membership base.

So we wanted to make sure we could cover a lot of brand options, using our brand, and ensure that the profitability of the products were well worth it. In the past we have to make big runs of our stock, and they've just been sitting on shelves, and we'ved ended up having to throw them away.

So we started working with GJS who supplied us with the Sawgrass Virtuoso dye sublimation solution, and the Roland STIKA desktop vinyl cutter. With these solutions we are able to create pretty much anything that we like, so we can create t-shirts, hats, bottles, which are all behind me, mugs, we can also make towels.

So anything, really, that we want to make, we can pretty much make for our members.

One of the best this is there's no minimum commitment to run size, so we can just whip up anyathing at anytime that we need, so if we're running short on stock, we can just do it on the spot.

The best thing about it is we can customise any of our products to suit the member's needs. So from competition shirts, to bottles, anything that they really feel like they would like, we can customise it to them. It's also super easy to use, I've got very minimal computer skills, but I can whip up anything that I need within minutes.

The Sawgrass Creative Studio program is really easy to use, it comes pre-loaded with all the products that I need. So if I want to whip up a bottle, I can do it straight away. If I want to do keyrings, towels, all the templates are there for me to use. It's really intuitive, and I love using that program.

This solution presents limitless possibilities for Crossfit boxes and gyms, basically everything from t-shirts for customised competitions, bottles, welcome packs, you're only really limited by your imagination on the products you can build and develop.

I would definitely recommend the Sawgrass Virtuoso, and Roland STIKA solution, from GJS, to any Crossfit box or gym looking to take control of its branding, or created customised products for its members.

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