Products From Wilflex Australasia

Products From Wilflex Australasia

PolyOne brings together global resources and expertise to provide our customers with high-quality polymer products, services and solutions. Our vast product line includes plastic compounds, colorants, thermoplastic elastomers, specialty vinyl resins, polyurethanes and engineered films, plus an array of specialty additives. Through our comprehensive design and technical support services, engineers work directly with customers to formulate the right polymer compound to meet specific applications.

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Additives

Flash Additive
Reducer No. 1
Reducer No. 2
Stretch Additive

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Adhesives

Adhesive Powder
Hugger Catalyst

Screen Printing / Textile Products

Thermoprobe + Donut

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Whites & Bases

Artist Plus White
Athletic Trophy White
Curable Reducer
Epic Performance LC White
Genesis Plus Base
Lithoprint White
Soft Hand Clear
Sprint White

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Wilflex - Epic Stretch
Wilflex Epic Stretch is a plastisol screen printing ink formulated for direct screen applications on textiles. Wilflex Epic Stretch is ideal for athletic printing because it has excellent abrasion resistance, elongation and tensile strength.

Epic Stretch Black
Epic Stretch Bright Orange
Epic Stretch Dark Brown
Epic Stretch Dark Gray
Epic Stretch Dolphin Orange
Epic Stretch Fluro Blue
Epic Stretch Fluro Green
Epic Stretch Fluro Orange
Epic Stretch Fluro Yellow
Epic Stretch Kelly Green
Epic Stretch Lemon Yellow
Epic Stretch Light Gold
Epic Stretch Light Royal
Epic Stretch Magenta
Epic Stretch Navy Blue
Epic Stretch Neon
Epic Stretch Pink
Epic Stretch Purple
Epic Stretch Rebel Red
Epic Stretch Rocket Red
Epic Stretch Russell Cardinal
Epic Stretch Russell Purple
Epic Stretch Scarlet
Epic Stretch Turquoise
Epic Stretch White

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Wilflex - Genesis Standard
Wilflex Genesis (GNS) plastisol inks are specifically formulated for high productivity wet-on-wet printing. Genesis inks have excellent resistance to build-up. Genesis inks also may be used to print conventional cold-peel transfers.

Genesis Bears Navy
Genesis Black
Genesis Blacklight Green
Genesis Brandywine
Genesis Bright Orange
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