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Products From GJS

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Pad Printers

The Easy Series Pad Printer is a versatile, multi-configuration range of pad printer solutions for transferring your 2-D image onto a variety of 3-D objects.

Heat Transfer Presses / Special Purpose Heat Presses

Do you want your dye sublimation product offering to reach beyond just flat and fabric items? Our desktop heat transfer presses are available in a range of customised designs for decorating uniquely shaped blanks including ceramic mugs, plates, tiles, caps, stubby coolers and metal jewellery.

Heat Transfer Presses / Large Format & Automatic Platen Heat Presses

Typically used for producing individual pieces, platen heat presses use a heated platen to press flat or rigid pieces such as cut apparel, ceramics, wood, metals and more. For increased production, shuttle platen presses utilise two workspaces with a single heated platen, allowing you to prep your product on one surface, while you are pressing another product on the second surface, reducing production time!

Screen Printing Equipment / Fully Automatic Screen Printers

Screen Printing Equipment / Semi Automatic Screen Printers

Screen Printing Equipment / Manual Screen Printers

Screen Printing Equipment / Textile Screen Printing Equipment

Screen Printing Equipment / Dryers

Screen Printing Equipment / Vacuum Frames & Exposure Lamps

Screen Printing Equipment / Other Equipment

Screen Printing / Additives / Thinners & Solvents

Screen Printing / Preparation / Chemicals

Screen Printing / Preparation / Coating Troughs

Screen Printing / Preparation / Film Positives

252 Products Found