Supplies From Ulano Corporation

Supplies From Ulano Corporation

Since 1930, Ulano has been helping screen printers make the very best impression! Our world-wide leadership enables us to focus on your future. Ulano`s history and corporate philosophy reflect our time-honored commitment to growth through innovation, applied research, high quality manufacturing, and technical education of the customer and the industry. The success of that philosophy is evident in our growth from the earliest days of knife-cut film to the manufacture of world`s most comprehensive, state of the art stencil systems.

Screen Printing / Stencil Making / Degreasers & Abraders

No. 23 Ulanogel
No. 33 Screen Degreaser Concentrate

Screen Printing / Stencil Making / Direct Emulsions

925 WR
LX 660 Emulsion
LX 680
QTX Screen Printing Emulsion
QX-1 hybrid dual-cure emulsion
RLX Screen Printing Emulsion

Screen Printing / Stencil Making / Fillers & Hardeners

Ulano Hardener X Hardening Solution

Screen Printing / Film Making

Ulano Pigment Inkjet Film
Ulano Rubylith Masking Film 1.02m x 10m

Screen Printing / Stencil Making / Indirect & Capillary Film

A & B Developer Powder
CDF Vision 20 Capillary Film 1.06 x 10m
CDF Vision 35 Capillary Film 1.06 x 10m
CDF Vision 50 Capillary Film 1.06 x 10m

Screen Printing / Screen Reclaiming

No. 5 Stencil Remover Paste
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