Products From Fuijfilm Sericol Australia

Products From Fuijfilm Sericol Australia

Sericol (Fujifilm) Australia manufacture and distribute a wide range of screen printing inks and consumables, digital inks, flexographic inks and associated products.

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Adhesives

Flash-Fix Extra Spray Adhesive
Multitran Clear Adhesive
Multitran White Adhesive
T-Fix Extra Spray Adhesive
Transfer Adhesive Powder

Screen Printing / Preparation / Chemicals

Ausco Dehaze Paste
CPS Aqua Wash 383

Screen Printing / Preparation / CPS Chemistry

CPS Degreaser Concentrate
Haze Remover Liquid
Screen Cleaner K3X
Screen Wash A6
Watersol Green Fast Filler

Screen Printing / Stencil Products / Emulsions

Dirasol 125 - Turquoise
Dirasol 25 - Violet
Dirasol 915 - Blue
Dirasol 916 - Deep Blue
Dirasol Rapid - Light Blue

Screen Printing / Preparation / Fillers

Kwikset Lacquer Blockout

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Foils

Metallic Transfer Foil - 750mm Width

Screen Printing / Preparation / Miscellaneous

Series 1: 50-99 Degrees Centigrade
Series 2: 71-110 Degrees Centigrade

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Powders, Pastes & Additives

Easiprint Nylon Catalyst
Multipurpose Silver Powder
Phosphorescent Green

Screen Printing / Graphic Inks / Sericol - Corroplas CP
Fast drying ink for fluted polyolefin sheeting (Corflute).

Corroplas CP - Black
Corroplas CP - Blackboard Black
Corroplas CP - Overprint Clear

Screen Printing / Graphic Inks / Sericol - Corroplas CP EL
Fast drying ink for fluted polyolefin sheeting (Corflute). EL range is designed for longer outdoor exposure.

Corroplas CP - Rubine

Screen Printing / Textile Products / Sericol - Nylobag NB
Nylobag gives excellent adhesion when printed directly on to nylon bags as well as many other synthetic and natural fabrics.

Nylobag NB Additives & Solvents
Nylobag NB Inks

Screen Printing / Graphic Inks / Sericol - Polyplast LN
Polyplast LN EL is a system of lead free inks and overprint varnish designed for long lide outdoor applications on a wide range of flexible and rigid plastics.

Polyplast IN - Black
Polyplast IN - Blue
Polyplast IN - Brilliant Red
Polyplast IN - Cover White
Polyplast IN - Dense Black
Polyplast IN - Green
Polyplast IN - Magenta
Polyplast IN - Orange
Polyplast IN - Over Print / Mixing Varnish
Polyplast IN Process Cyan
Polyplast IN - Process Magenta
Polyplast IN - Process Yellow
Polyplast IN - Red BS
Polyplast IN - Red YS
Polyplast IN - Reflex Blue
Polyplast IN - Tint Black
Polyplast IN - Tint White
Polyplast IN - Violet
Polyplast IN - White
Polyplast IN - Yellow GS
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