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Metallic Transfer Foil - 750mm Width

Screen Printing / Textile Inks / Permaset - Texiscreen Permatone CO
Texiscreen Permatone CO is a water-based, 100% solvent free textile ink, designed for direct wet-on-wet printing on a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics. Heat cured, the unique formula offers an unsurpassed balance of colour brightness, softness and durability to wash, rub and dry-clean, eliminating the need for additives. Permatone CO also has excellent screen stability allowing exceptional screen

Permaset Permatone CO Green
Permaset Permatone CO Blue
Permaset Permatone CO Extender Base
Permaset Permatone CO Magenta
Permaset Permatone CO Orange R
Permaset Permatone CO Red BS
Permaset Permatone CO Red YS
Permaset Permatone CO Violet
Permaset Permatone CO White
Permaset Permatone CO Yellow GS
Permaset Permatone CO Yellow RS
Permaset Premium Permatone CO Black

Screen Printing / Textile Inks / Permaset Inks

Permaset Anti-Bleed Additive
Permaset Aqua - Glow Ink
Permaset Aqua - Metallic Ink
Permaset Aqua - Process Ink
Permaset Aqua - Standard Ink
Permaset Aqua Phosphorescent Green
Permaset Aqua Puff Paste
Permaset Aqua Std Print Paste
Permaset Aqua Supercover Print Paste
Permaset Aqua Table Adhesive
Permaset Cold Cure Additive
Permaset Fabric Softener
Permaset Pigment Concentrate
Permaset Print Retarder
Permaset Standard Binder
Permaset Supercover - Glow Ink
Permaset Supercover - Standard Ink
Permaset Synthetic Fixer
Permaset Thickener A

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Metallic Powder - Fluorescent Orange Powder
Metallic Powder - Fluorescent Pink Powder
Metallic Powder - Fluorescent Red Powder
Metallic Powder - Fluorescent Yellow Powder
Metallic Powder - Metallic Gold
Metallic Powder - Metallic Silver Powder

Screen Printing / Textile Inks / Sericol - Nylobag NB
Nylobag gives excellent adhesion when printed directly on to nylon bags as well as many other synthetic and natural fabrics.

Nylobag NB Additives
Nylobag NB Inks
Nylobag NB Solvents

Screen Printing / Textile Inks / Sericol - Texopaque Classic OP
Classic OP is part of the Texopaque Series of direct printing, maximum opacity, plastisol inks designed for printing most natural and synthetic fabrics. Classic OP are conventional plastisol inks.

Classic OP Seritone Red BS/Deep Red
Classic OP Warm Red
Classic OP Yellow
Multipurpose Low Bleed Plastisol White
Texopaque Classic OP Black
Texopaque Classic OP Bright Green
Texopaque Classic OP Extender Base
Texopaque Classic OP Green
Texopaque Classic OP Light Blue
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