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Aluminium Squeegee Handle - 70 x 22mm - Heavy Weight
Aluminium Squeegee Handle - Machine
Aluminium Squeegee Handle- 95 x 25mm - Light Weight

Screen Printing / Graphic Inks / ASI - Corrogloss
The Corrogloss system was developed for the printing of fully Corona-treated corrugated plastic sheets (Corflute) and similar products manufactured from special products manufactured from specal co-polymer resins.

Corrogloss Basic Green
Corrogloss Basic Purple
Corrogloss Basic Reflex Blue
Corrogloss Basic Rhodamine
Corrogloss Basic Rubine
Corrogloss Basic Warm Red
Corrogloss Basic Yellow
Corrogloss Black
Corrogloss Clear
Corrogloss Cover White
Corrogloss Emerald Green
Corrogloss Fire Red
Corrogloss Fluoro Citron Yellow
Corrogloss Fluoro Coral Pink
Corrogloss Fluoro Green
Corrogloss Fluoro Orange
Corrogloss Fluoro Poppy Red
Corrogloss Golden Yellow
Corrogloss Lemon Yellow
Corrogloss Light Blue
Corrogloss Orange
Corrogloss Permanent Blue
Corrogloss Primrose Yellow
Corrogloss Process Blue
Corrogloss Retarder
Corrogloss Royal Blue
Corrogloss Thinner
Corrogloss White

Screen Printing / Graphic Inks / ASI - Gloss Enamel
Excellent outdoor durability and an extremely flexible high gloss ink system distinguishes the Gloss Enamel series form all other inks. These inks have excellent adhesion to a wide range of difficult substrates and are ideal for printing of both solid coats and fine detail.

Gloss Enamel Basic Green
Gloss Enamel Basic Rubine
Gloss Enamel Basic Warm Red
Gloss Enamel Basic Yellow
Gloss Enamel Black
Gloss Enamel Blue
Gloss Enamel Clear
Gloss Enamel Coral Pink
Gloss Enamel Cover White
Gloss Enamel Emerald Green
Gloss Enamel Fire Red
Gloss Enamel Fluoro Citron Yellow
Gloss Enamel Fluoro Green
Gloss Enamel Fluoro Orange
Gloss Enamel Golden Yellow
Gloss Enamel Green
Gloss Enamel Lemon Yellow
Gloss Enamel Light Blue
Gloss Enamel Orange
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