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The Roland DG take-up system allows you to wind up printed material automatically and manage production with maximum efficiency.

The unit fits most Roland DG print and print & cut devices and is easy to install, set up and use. The system includes a convenient front-mounted take-up roller and an advanced tension-controlled take-up unit for optimum media feeding and tracking.

The benefits of the take-up system:

The take-up system allows you to leave production unattended, with the completed job securely wound, and it is particularly useful for long print runs and large graphics such as banners, signs and vehicle wraps. In print-then-laminate workflows, the take-up system enables an easy and precise workflow from completion of printing to loading and feeding through roll-to-roll lamination units.

The take-up unit also reduces media waste and maximises the quality of output by automatically tensioning the vinyl, keeping it tightly wound on the reel to help avoid nicks, creases and scratches in the media. All roll-to-roll materials are automatically wound onto the unit to help you maintain a clean and safe workspace while providing easy storage.

Must be purchased with a controller and rail kit. Printer sold separately.

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