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Screen Printing / Industrial & Specialty Inks / ASI - Monokan
The Monokan ink system is the result of long research into achieving the excellent adhesion properties normally related to a two pot ink system in a one pot system.

Monokan Basic Purple
Monokan Basic Reflex Blue
Monokan Basic Rubine
Monokan Black
Monokan Clear
Monokan Cover White
Monokan Emerald Green
Monokan Golden Yellow
Monokan Light Blue
Monokan Primrose Yellow
Monokan Retarder
Monokan Royal Blue
Monokan Thinner
Monokan White

Screen Printing / Industrial & Specialty Inks / ASI - Plastivac
Plastivac inks are a modified acrylic lacquer system designed as a general purpose screen process plastic printing ink. These inks have been formulated to reduce static problems often associated with acrylic inks.

Plastivac Basic Blue
Plastivac Basic Green
Plastivac Basic Purple
Plastivac Basic Reflex Blue
Plastivac Basic Rhodamine
Plastivac Basic Rubine
Plastivac Basic Warm Red
Plastivac Basic Yellow
Plastivac Black
Plastivac Clear
Plastivac Cover White
Plastivac Emerald Yellow
Plastivac Fire Red
Plastivac Fluoro Citron Yellow
Plastivac Fluoro Coral Pink
Plastivac Fluoro Green
Plastivac Fluoro Orange
Plastivac Fluoro Poppy Red
Plastivac Golden Yellow
Plastivac Lemon Yellow
Plastivac Light Blue
Plastivac Orange
Plastivac Permanent Blue
Plastivac Primrose Yellow
Plastivac Retarder
Plastivac Royal Blue
Plastivac Thinner
Plastivac White

Screen Printing / Industrial & Specialty Inks / ASI - Two Can Epoxy
The Two Can Epoxy ink series exhibit excellent solvent and chemical resistance and offer a high degree of adhesion to a variety of difficult to print surfaces.

Two Can Epoxy Basic Blue
Two Can Epoxy Basic Green
Two Can Epoxy Basic Purple
Two Can Epoxy Basic Reflex Blue
Two Can Epoxy Basic Rhodamine
Two Can Epoxy Basic Rubine
Two Can Epoxy Basic Warm Red
Two Can Epoxy Basic Yellow
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