Digital Printing & Cutting

GJS offers an array of supplies to support our range of Roland Solvent, Eco-Solvent and UV printers/cutters. These include cleaning supplies, spare parts and ongoing consumable essentials like replacement ink cartridges and media.

Digital Printing & Cutting / Accessories

Accessories for Roland digital printers and cutters

Digital Printing & Cutting / Cutting Blades

Replacement or spare universal plastic and metal blade holders and a variety of blades for Roland cutters and plotters.

Digital Printing & Cutting / Pigment Inks and Cartridges

Digital Printing & Cutting / Solvent & UV Inks and Cartridges

We stock a variety of OEM consumables for Roland Solvent and UV digital printers distributed and supported by GJS. This includes inks and cleaning cartridges from the Roland ECO-SOL MAX, ECO-SOL MAX2 and EJ solvent ranges plus the Roland ECO-UV3 and ECO-UV4 UV ranges.

Digital Printing & Cutting / Solvent Media & Sign Vinyl

Sign consumables and media for solvent based digital printers including coloured or printable vinyl, application tape, photo paper and art canvas.

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