Dye Sublimation

GJS offers a huge catalogue of supplies to support our range of desktop, large format and wide format dye sublimation printers. These include cleaning supplies, spare parts and ongoing consumable essentials like replacement ink cartridges, transfer media, printable blanks & imprintables.

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Dye Sublimation / Accessories

GJS has you covered for all related dye sublimation accessories including the essential teflon sheets, heat resistant tape, teflon pillows, white nomex felt and much more.

Dye Sublimation / Printable Blanks & Imprintables / Awards, ChromaLuxe, Plaques & Photo Panels

ChromaLuxe, SubliStone and the Unisub Plaques are some of GJS' most popular dye sublimation products in Australia.

Dye Sublimation / Printable Blanks & Imprintables / Bags

296 Products Found