Eastsign International Limited Printing Equipment

Eastsign International Limited Printing Equipment

Shop the range of innovative heat transfer presses from Eastsign International Limited at GJS. Browse our range now.

Heat Transfer Presses / Desktop Platen Heat Presses

Our high quality desktop heat transfer presses are available in overhead swing-away for thicker products or clamshell design for metal and textiles

Digital Printers & Cutters / Laminators

Quality finishing equipment is a great tool for enhancing your printed graphics and tailoring the finish to a specific application. Apply pressure sensitive laminates to add a gloss, satin or matt face finish, or increase durability, rigidity and protection of prints.

Heat Transfer Presses / Rotary Calendar Drum Heat Transfer Presses

Rotary heat presses use a heated drum which spins fabric through the press to decorate rolls of fabric continuously. These presses are designed to print fabric pieces that are too large for a platen press. Used mainly for banners, flags, and cut/sew apparel (like jerseys), rotary presses tend to be more productive than platen presses. They cannot be used, however, to press rigid substrates.

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