What to do if your printer or media is affected by water?

What to do if your printer or media is affected by water?

SYDNEY, Australia - April 22, 2015

We love Australia for its warm and welcoming weather, but often our homes and businesses fall victim to some of our country's less than favourable climate conditions, especially rain, flood and cyclones. This article outlines our advice and tips on what to do if your printer or media is affected by water.  Even if your print room is safe from the storm, some of these tips will still be useful when there’s a lot of moisture in the air.

What to do if your printer gets wet from a roof leak or a flood?

First, make the environment safe. We cannot stress this enough. If the printer or any electrical equipment is plugged in and your print room is partially flooded or there appears to be water over and inside the equipment, then turn off the power at the building mains and only if it is safe to do so. If in doubt, call an electrician or the SES in your state.

If there's water on or in your printer:

  • Take pictures for insurance purposes.
  • Mop up what you can.
  • Don’t dismantle the printer.
  • Remove cartridges and open panels that are meant to be opened. Inspect for evidence of water inside.
  • Call GJS. Our technicians; can help you get up and running again quickly.
  • Even if your printer is a write-off, we can write insurance reports to help you get equipment replaced.

Lots of rain and moisture in the air

In some environments, where water hasn’t entered the room, you may still be experiencing print quality issues when it has been raining incessantly for several days.

  • Don't use moisture affected media. You'll know; it often ripples and can cause media strikes with the print head(s)
  • Keep all print media in its original packaging when not in use
  • Sublimation papers that are saturated with moisture cause streaking and texture changes in the print

If you need any further advice or technical service and support, please call GJS on 1300 457 888 or email: help@gjs.co

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