Changing of the Guard at GJS Machinery: Farewell Joe and Welcome Stephen!

Changing of the Guard at GJS Machinery: Farewell Joe and Welcome Stephen!

SYDNEY, Australia -

Core to the continued success of GJS Machinery has been its proven industry leadership and experience in the screen printing sector. In July this area of GJS Machinery sees a changing of the guard with veteran employee Joe Doyle retiring from the organisation after a 14 year tenure. As Joe reflected upon his time at GJS Machinery and positions prior, we asked him to capture his thoughts on the most memorable moments of his career, give some advice for those looking to enter the industry and provide some insight into his retirement plans...

joe doyleWhat is your fondest/most memorable moment from your career?

I think one of the most memorable and satisfying moments of my screen printing career was during my apprenticeship with Sandusky Overseas Co. After only a short time employed with the company I had printed a very small, five-colour, fine detail, very tight registered water slide transfer. My boss, Ted Joy, left a note under the screen saying, “A job well done a bonus in your next pay as a reward,” the real reward to me was I was now allowed to step up to printing the RAAF and Navy transfers, some of which went up to eight and nine colours, only a select few of the printers were allowed to print these jobs. There was no four colour process those days.

What year did you start in the printing industry and how many roles have you had during your career?

In the last years of school I decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a sign writer. A friend of mine worked in Alexandria and told me he knew a sign company that was looking to start a junior. He said to me that in this company they, “dragged this brush thing over a frame and out came the sign.” When I went for the interview I learned it was called silk screen printing (in its rawest form).

I started work in 1955 to hand cut flop stencils, iron-on and lacquer-on stencils for seven and up to twelve colour posters and showcards that were all hand printed then hung out on fence wire stretched from two anchor points with metal bulldog clips threaded on the wire to clamp and hang to dry the posters. When the company bought a 30”X40” one arm we thought we were the ant pants and that we had gone modern!

In my career I have touched on almost every facet of screen printing to learn more about the industry I chose be part of. After rising through the ranks as supervisor of various screen shops I took on the duties of sales which I found extremely rewarding, I found with the large companies that had big advertising budgets that their advertising agencies were very much at ease if, when they asked technical questions regarding screen print, you could fire off an immediate answer without having to get back to them. I found having this knowledge instilled enough confidence in them to give your company a chance to get some of their print work.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of joining the printing industry?

My advice for anyone artistically inclined who wanted to express themselves in design and print would be to begin in the fabric industry. The graphic side of screen printing is mostly commercial advertising such as real estate signs, decals, posters, showcards etc. In many cases it can be four colour process machine printed substrates. In my opinion, our trade will be around for many years to come even though progress has taken away the craftsmanship I experienced throughout my screen printing career. However, we here at GJS Machinery have come across a few artists that prefer to screen print by hand, doing limited editions with up to 15 colours that they then frame and sell to select clients.

What was the best thing about working at GJS Machinery?

It is difficult to single out only one ‘best thing’ about working for GJS Machinery. With the team we have, management have been very selective about whom they employ, all the staff are honest, they all have a good sense of humour and they do their jobs without having to be supervised. Everyone is easy to get along with and there is a common respect among the staff. All these qualities are something I have never experienced before in any job over my fifty-five years in the screen printing industry.

Growing with the company over the past fifteen years has been a satisfying experience for me personally. I like the latitude the management allow us, it is if you are running your own business, as long as the customers are catered to by receiving what they order on time, in good condition and are being supplied quality service and products then everyone is happy.

Another thing I enjoy is the respect and reputation that GJS Machinery has in the industry. If most screen printers want something a little out of the ordinary they ring us first to talk to Graham. If it is so unusual that it is not available then Graham will attempt to make it for them. I have seen some weird and wonderful things made here to get people printing odd objects in our industry and if he can’t get something to work they never get billed for his time.   

What plans do you have for retirement?

My wife, Joyce, and I intend to travel and see some of Australia. We often plan to do something or go somewhere but get interrupted by family matters so we’ve told our two sons we are taking time out to do some of the things we have often discussed doing. I have two days a week booked for comp golf and one day a week joining my wife and her walking group which may also include driving the council bus for them as their current driver wants some time off as well.

There is also a rather long list of jobs around the house that I had not seen until recently like; putting a built in wardrobe in the bedroom, painting the laundry, tiling the BBQ area, erecting a canvas shade area in the yard for the grand kids, replacing turf on the front nature strip etc, etc...

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Joe will pass the screen printing torch to Stephen Tuck, who brings more than twenty-five year’s experience with him to GJS Machinery having held senior screen printing and signage roles at Morris Graphics and Central Signs.

To view the news on Stephen’s appointment click here.

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