Virtual Illustrator for Printing

Virtual Illustrator for Printing

Our Virtual Illustrator for Printing course is a series of one-on-one remote training sessions, delivered over phone and TeamViewer. Each course is customised to your specific needs to ensure you get the best learning experience.

You can choose to purchase either a single hour of virtual training or purchase a three-session 'pack' for maximum value.

Prior to all sessions one of the instructors will invest in an exploratory session with you so that they can then customise the training to your specific needs and so you receive the most valuable and relevant training for your needs.

What you'll learn:

  • Learn the best way to set-up your artwork in Adobe Illustrator to get the best results on your printed products
  • Learn how to create reliable cut-lines for print and cut applications, create shapes and adapt your designs to be suitable for both stickers and heat transfer vinyl
  • Got a problem with a tricky piece of customer artwork? No problems! We'll work with you to find a solution and teach you the necessary skills to tackle the problem in the future
  • Explore some of the more advanced aspects of Adobe Illustrator such as colour manipulation,  creating bleed areas and learn how you can modify your designs for different substrates

After the courses you'll also receive access to exclusive online video resources and tutorials if you need to revisit the material in the future.

Three-Session Starter Pack

The three-week introductory course is made up of three one-hour one-on-one sessions. If you are fairly new to Adobe Illustrator and want to feel more comfortable using the program, this course is for you!

This course is recommended for most users before proceeding to our intermediate and advanced courses. The sessions are structured to introduce you to the workflow of Adobe Illustrator and will teach you the basic skills to begin utilising this powerful program.

Topics covered:

  • Workspace setup
  • How to use the basic tools
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts
  • How to import and export files
  • Create and manipulate shapes and text
  • Remove backgrounds from artwork
  • Create vector graphics from raster images
  • Adjust colours in designs
  • Create cut contour lines (for print and cut printers)
  • Create white and gloss colours (for UV printers)
  • Create transparent backgrounds (for DTG printers)
  • Understanding different file types (png, jpg, pdf, eps) and which is the most suitable for you
  • Manipulate logos and graphics for best results for different printing technologies
  • How to export files and artwork for the best quality
  • Sending files to RIP software

By spacing the sessions one week apart, you will get the chance to practice the skills learnt in each session and return with any questions the following week.

PRICE: $249

Single-Hour Session

For intermediate to advanced users, we've put together this on-demand virtual training option that is entirely customised to your needs. If you have some experience using Illustrator but want to dive deeper and enhance your skills, this package is for you!

This bespoke approach allows the instructor to focus on the skills you wish to develop. This training is specifically for people in the textile printing industry with previous experience using Illustrator.

Some examples of what you could learn:

  • Create advanced bleed lines and cut contours for professional sticker artwork
  • Create 3D gloss textures with UV printing
  • Learn to use Variable Data Printing with VersaWorks
  • Overcome issues with problematic cut contours
  • Apply bleed and cut contours to clipping masks or gradients
  • Incorporate Pantone or other spot colours into design artwork
  • Create effective perforated cut lines
  • Print with metallic colours
  • Learn how to approach complex or troublesome artwork

These sessions are a perfect opportunity to work on any actual customer designs or artwork you may be dealing with. This might include  artwork you have had trouble with, or maybe a print job for an important client that you really want to get right. By working with the GJS instructor, you can get a great outcome for one or several of your customers, as well as learning how you can approach similar designs in future.

It is recommended a minimum of two sessions so you have the opportunity to return to the instructor with any questions the following week. If you really want to develop your Adobe Illustrator ability, ongoing weekly tutor sessions can also be arranged.

PRICE: $89/hour


Our Virtual Illustrator for Printing courses run on-demand, throughout the entire year. To register some time with one of our experienced instructors, simply click the button below and they'll get in touch and book in a time for the exploratory session so that they can customise the training to your specific needs.


Your instructors

Steve Poole

Steve Poole

Hailing from 'sunny' Sheffield in the UK, Steve joined the GJS team in August 2014 after emigrating to Australia. Steve started his career in print at Sawgrass Europe and is an expert in digital printing with over seven years’ expertise in inkjet printer troubleshooting, maintenance and repair for desktop, large format inkjet and direct to garment printers.

He also has valuable skills in the area of colour management and the creation of ICC profiles and is a qualified Epson large format printer engineer.

Steve has extensive experience delivering computer training sessions in his most recent role as Education & Technical Content Specialist at Sawgrass.

Tim Parry

Tim Parry

Tim joined the GJS team in 2018 and brings with him his passion for customer service and friendly personality. Tim is forever excited by new technologies and enjoys helping others make the most out of their new toys by solving problems and puzzles.

With a long history as a tutor, Tim appreciates that every person requires unique communication. When Tim isn't saving the lives of printers, he enjoys playing music and enjoying the outdoors.