Screen Printing / Preparation / Chemicals

Ausco Dehaze Paste
CPS Aqua Wash 383
Degreaser - Autoprep Gel
Degreaser - Universal Mesh Preparation
Fotechem 2005 Stencil Remover Paste
Fotechem 2023 Gel Degreaser & Abrader
Fotechem 2033 Degreaser Conc (10:1)
Fotechem 2044 Stencil Remover Conc. Powder
GJS HR1000 Haze Remover Paste
Haze Remover Paste - Autohaze
Kiwobond 1000 Adhesive
Kiwobond 1000 Hardener
Kiwobond 930 Adhesive
Kiwodur 930 Hardener
No. 23 Ulanogel Roughening/Degreasing Gel
No. 33 Screen Degreaser Concentrate
No. 5 Stencil Remover Paste
Stencil and Haze Remover
Stencil Remover - Autostip Gel

Screen Printing / Preparation / Coating Troughs

Emulsion Coating Trough

Screen Printing / Preparation / CPS Chemistry

CPS Degreaser Concentrate
CPS Stencil Remover Concentrate
Haze Remover Liquid
Screen Cleaner K3X
Screen Wash A6
Watersol Green Fast Filler

Screen Printing / Preparation / Fillers

Blue Rapid Blockout
Blue Slow Blockout
Kwikset Lacquer Blockout
Ulano No. 65 Screen Filler

Screen Printing / Preparation / Film Positives

Fotecfoil 7135 Inkjet Positive/Negative Film
Fotecfoil 7135 Inkjet Positive/Negative Film
MultiINK Bulk Ink - Black
MultiINK Bulk Ink - Cyan
MultiINK Bulk Ink - Magenta
MultiINK Bulk Ink - Yellow

Screen Printing / Preparation / Miscellaneous

Bag of Rags
GCC Toner Density Spray
Pallet Knife - Round End
Plastic Pail & Lid
Scrubbing Brush
Series 1: 50-99 Degrees Centigrade
Series 2: 71-110 Degrees Centigrade
SpillFix Emergency Universal Spill Kit

Screen Printing / Preparation

Textile Screen Starter Kit Product Contents
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