What is Doming?

What is doming?

DomingThe doming process adds value to any shape or size non porous material by coating the surface with a thick layer of polyurethane resin up to approximately 4mm in height. Polyurethane resin is a very durable, tough, long lasting product which cannot be easily scratched or dented. In addition a good quality resin will not yellow when exposed to UV and should present no health and safety issues both in production and final application of the cured domed object.

Doming applications

Doming enhances the look and feel of a product and has many applications across different market sectors such as:

Promotional Products

Promotional products

Typically a polyester or vinyl based self adhesive label is printed and cut to shape and size, domed with polyurethane resin then applied to a wide range of promotional products. From pin badges, id badges, key chains, pens, cufflinks, leather goods etc there are 100s of products which can be used to promote a companies brand, product or service.
Point of Sale

Point of sale

You will see many consumer and industrial products branded with a domed label to enhance the look of the logo design. Labels can also be individually personalized with unique variable data options such as names, serial numbers or bar codes.


Cut vinyl signs or printed and cut vehicle graphics can be transformed into high impact, weather durable long lasting products when domed with polyurethane resin.
Identification, Trophy & Awards

Identification, trophy and awards

Trophy centres, medals, plates, badges, souvenirs and gifts.
Other Applications

Other applications

Polyurethane resin can be applied to many non porous materials such as plastics, metals, glass and wood.

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Easy as 1-2-3

The doming process is very easy to learn providing you take the time to understand the basics and create the right doming environment.

  • 1 Print

    Design your artwork on a computer and print onto the Liquid Lens Media using either an inkjet or solvent printer.
  • 2 Cut

    Feed the printed sheet into a desktop cutter or utilise your solvent printers print & cut option. Cut the outlines and remove the waste layer.
  • 3 Dome

    Apply the resin and you are done!

The full doming process

Watch how the doming system works.

What do I need in a doming solution?

Buy a Liquid Lens Doming Kit and receive all the consumables you require to get started! Equipment and media sold separately depending on whether you use an inkjet or solvent printer.

You will require an applicator gun, resin, mixers and media.

What is the return on investment on a doming solution?

Using the below points as an example you can potentially break even by just 50 units!

  • Doming Solution: Gem 50ml Starter Kit
  • Printing: 76x25mm Black Name Badge with Pin
  • Sell Price: $13.00 each
Break even after just 50 badges

* Estimates only and does not take into account your personal situation, overhead expenses and other variable costs. Please conduct your own calculations.

How much money can I make from a doming solution?

Enjoy healthy margins on liquid lens domed products! Below is a selection of products showing the approximate production costs and your sell price.

Selling Price Gross Profit Margin % Markup %
Product Production Cost Lowest Highest Lowest Highest Lowest Highest Lowest Highest
Name Badge – Rectangle  $1.62  $8.00  $13.00  $6.38  $11.83 79.8% 88.0% 494% 830%
Luggage Tag  $1.90  $3.90  $12.00  $2.00  $10.10 51.3% 84.2% 205% 632%
Pen  $0.90  $2.00  $9.00  $1.10  $8.10 55.0% 90.0% 222% 1000%
Key Ring - Square  $2.62  $5.50  $10.00  $2.88  $7.38 52.4% 73.8% 210% 382%

Pricing and calculations are correct at time of publishing based on research conducted by GJS and are subject to change without notice. Production costs will vary based on your printer, coverage and volume of stock you purchase in. Please conduct your own research.

How much does it cost to dome?

Cartridge Size Per Square 25mm*
50mL $0.54
75mL $0.36
200mL $0.27
400mL $0.19
Product Resin Cost*
Metal Name Badge - 25x76mm using 200mL Resin Carts $0.80
Key Ring - Galaxy using 50mL Resin Carts $0.44
Rainbow Pen using 400mL Resin Carts $0.11
Luggage Tags using 75mL Resin Carts $0.59

* Prices exclude GST. Cartridge price includes full case discount as this is the most popular way of ordering resin.

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