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Case Studies

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pdf The Einstein of the Screen Printing World

Documentation / Instructions

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pdf Caring For Your Squeegee
A squeegee must be sharp, and uniform. You cannot properly transfer ink uniformly or consistently through a mesh with a dull or nicked squeegee.
pdf How to Print Plastisol Transfers
Transfer printing is an indirect printing method where, rather than printing inks directly on to a garment, inks are printed on to paper, dried, then transferred under a heat press on to the garment. The printing process is thus similar to any other paper printing process, and as such a vacuum bed printing machine should be used.
pdf Ink Additives & Aerosols
pdf Special Plastisol Inks & Additives
This product information outlines the range of specialised plastisol inks and additives available from Sericol to complement the line printing colours in the Texopaque Classic OP and Easiprint EZ ranges.
pdf Squeegee & Floodbar Variables
We are all familiar with the importance of relatively un-glamorous squeegees and flood bars. Most of us dutifully sharpen our squeegees, even if we tend not to let them rest long enough before sharpening. Some of us even occasionally sand down a nick or ding on the odd woefully neglected flood bar. The good news for all of us is that there are now a variety of interesting squeegees and flood bars on the market, and an amazing array of equipment to help us maintain these essential items in top working order. In this 2-part series, we shall take a look at squeegee and flood bar variables, and at the devices available for maintaining them.
pdf Textile Transfer Systems
Sericol Textile Transfer Systems have been developed, by our applications specialists, utilising readily available Sericol products to provide a comprehensive solution for customising and decorating garments.The products comprise inks, adhesives and additives used to produce a variety of transfer types for applications that include sportswear and industrial clothing - requiring high mechanical and wash resistance.

Installation Manuals

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pdf Epson P800 Setup Guide
pdf Epson P800 User Guide
pdf Epson T3200 Setup Guide
pdf Epson T3200 User Guide

Printer Drivers

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ds/ Epson Printer Drivers
Link to to download printer drivers.

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SE/ AccuRIP Black Pearl SE
Link to download AccuRIP Black Pearl SE

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