GJS Magic Flex Puffy PU Polyurethane Thermal Textile Vinyl

GJS Magic Flex is a funky puffy vinyl which rises before your very eyes to create a 3D fluffy effect.

The white media can applied in its original state, but can also be printed with eco-solvent inks for a vintage look or to add an extra pop to your design.

Recommended Fabrics

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester
  • Polyester-cotton blends
  • Acrylics
  • Similar fibres

Preheat garment.

Important note - Requires a double press to activate puff effect.

Requires an application tape to transfer to the material.



Roll Width


Pressing Time

Heat press in two steps: 1st - Position and heat press the transfer on the garment, protected by a silicone paper, for 10 seconds using minimum pressure

Pressing Temperature



Remove the application tape 5 seconds after the 1st pressing - Hot/Warm

Pressing Pressure


Pressing Time (cont'd)

2nd - Heat press without application tape (or silicone/teflon) for 30 seconds

Max Washing Temperature


Washing Instructions

Wash inside out without bleach or any aggressive washing products

Dry Cleaning


Ironing Instructions

Inside out only

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GJS Magic Flex Puffy PU Polyurethane Thermal Textile Vinyl - White
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GJS Magic Flex Puffy PU Polyurethane Thermal Textile Vinyl - <small>GJS Clear Application/Masking Tape for Cut or Print Media - High Tack - 250mm x 10m</small>
GJS Clear Application/Masking Tape for Cut or Print Media - High Tack - 250mm x 10m
Stock Availability is Loading $33

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Received my order today. Thanks for the fast delivery & excellent service. I´ll definitely order from you again, it´s great dealing with pros.

Andy Wright
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GJS Magic Flex Puffy PU Polyurethane Thermal Textile Vinyl

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