Ink Solutions - Flutesolve SF

Colour charts are provided for your convenience however may not accurately represent the colours. Please contact us to obtain a physical colour chart.

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A solvent based ink system for screen-printing onto a variety of substrates.

Flutesolve SF00 EL Clear
Flutesolve SF01 EL Black
Flutesolve SF02 EL White
Flutesolve SF03 EL Brilliant Yellow GS
Flutesolve SF04 EL Basic Yellow
Flutesolve SF05 EL Yellow RS
Flutesolve SF06 EL Orange
Flutesolve SF07 EL Warm Red YS
Flutesolve SF08 EL Brilliant Red
Flutesolve SF09 EL Waratah BS
Flutesolve SF10 EL Rubine
Flutesolve SF11 EL Rhodamine
Flutesolve SF12 EL Violet
Flutesolve SF13 EL Reflex Blue
Flutesolve SF14 EL Basic Blue
Flutesolve SF15 EL Green
Flutesolve SF16 Super Opaque White
Flutesolve SF20 Overprint Clear
Flutesolve SF21 EL Process Yellow
Flutesolve SF22 EL Process Magenta
Flutesolve SF23 EL Process Cyan
Flutesolve SF34 STD Yellow
Flutesolve SF50 Fluorescent Yellow
Flutesolve SF51 Fluorescent Pink
Flutesolve SF52 Fluorescent Orange
Flutesolve SF53 Fluorescent Red
Flutesolve SF54 Fluorescent Green
Flutesolve SF55 Fluorescent Blue
Flutesolve SF58 EL Gold
Flutesolve SF61 Blackboard Black
Flutesolve SF65 EL Golden Yellow
Flutesolve SF72 EL Purple
Flutesolve SF73 EL Navy Blue
Flutesolve SF74 EL Royal Blue
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