ASI - Eco-Tex Standard

Colour charts are provided for your convenience however may not accurately represent the colours. Please contact us to obtain a physical colour chart.

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The Eco-Tex ink system is designed to print onto a range of fabrics. The product was developed in Australia for local print conditions, formulations and environmentally friendly using neither lead pigments nor any form of Hydrocarbon Solvents.

Eco-Tex Black
Eco-Tex Blue B
Eco-Tex Bordeaux
Eco-Tex Bright Red
Eco-Tex Brown R
Eco-Tex Dark Brown
Eco-Tex Hot Pink
Eco-Tex Junior Navy
Eco-Tex Light Blue
Eco-Tex Mid Green
Eco-Tex Scralet
Eco-Tex Venetian Red
Eco-Tex White
Eco-Tex Yellow G
Eco-Tex Yellow R
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