SubliM 7900 24 A1 Dye Sublimation System - 10 Colour

Powered by the most reputable brands in the industry; Sawgrass, Epson, Beaver Paper and Ergosoft, the GJS Machinery SubliM (pronounced ‘sublime’) wide-format dye sublimation solutions are the pinnacle of sublimation technology.

These solutions are built for applications including point of purchase banners, displays, carpeting, floor graphics, posters, soft signage, flags, sporting goods, photo gifts (mugs, tiles, mouse pads), apparel (sporting clothing, swimsuits, jackets) and much more.

There are five key components that make up GJS’ new dye sublimation solutions:

-1. Epson Printer

The Epson Stylus Pro 7900 – the new generation 24–inch large format printer that delivers even higher levels of image and colour quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. It's 10 colour ink set has an unmatched colour gamut in this market and is perfect for high quality photographic applications. The MicroPiezo TFP print head has an ink-repelling coating, which reduces clogging. As a result, there is less printer down-time and cleaning requirements, all of which minimise running costs.

2. SubliM Inks

SubliM is a new high-productivity sublimation ink fine-tuned for production and high-volume printing. Formulated by Sawgrass, SubliM allows customers to immediately move into higher productivity in their sublimation printing. With SubliM you can utilise greater printer speeds while maintaining true consistency across an unmatched range of brilliant colours.-

Specially formulated to run in high-volume environments, SubliM is available for purchase in 1L containers. By utilising the GJS Machinery Production Series Ink Delivery System, your work flow is streamlined and your cost per print is significantly reduced.

With faster drying times SubliM improves work flow and decreases production time, the end result is enhanced productivity and greater profits. For example Sawgrass claims that larger colour gamut provides better saturated colours reducing ink consumption by up to 20 percent; superior ink quality can reduce maintenance costs by up to 75 percent and faster drying and print speeds provide an increase of 2 percent in annual revenue.

-3. TexPrintXP Paper

TexPrintXP is the finest water-based inkjet dye-sublimation print media available and provides consistent performance from the Epson printer through to the thermal transfer process. When used with SubliM ink, TexPrintXP renders the richest colours and maintains truest tone for optimum consistency. TexPrintXP is designed to resist cockling during inkjet printing, dry quickly to the touch and rewind without wet-transfer. Soft-surface application or hard, TexPrintXP gets the job done right, every time.

4. Ergosoft RIP Solutions

ErgoSoft AG is a leading developer of software solutions for the high-end digital printing community. The company´s mission is to provide intuitive, high fidelity digital printing solutions to the demanding imaging professional. It does this by developing feature-specific, production-oriented applications to optimise image quality, color accuracy and production speed in the most demanding digital printing environments.

5. Superior Service

Backed by GJS Machinery’s unbeatable commitment to service, it will ensure your machine is operational for longer with less downtime. The team at GJS combine over thirty-one years experience, hands-on technical know-how, colour expertise, and targeted market intelligence about the unique needs of the markets it serves. GJS customers are guaranteed an optimised solution, tailored to address their specific production needs and requirements.


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[VIDEO] Tamborine Mountain State High School: taking STEM to the next level with dye sublimation

With STEM a huge focus for schools right around the country, students at Tamborine Mountain State High School are embracing advanced manufacturing methods such as dye sublimation to create amazing products and prepare themselves for a digitally diverse future workforce.

Case Study: [VIDEO] Olive Design: creating people's space, their way

[VIDEO] Olive Design: creating people's space, their way

Olive Design exemplifies the versatility and opportunity that exists in the custom print market with dye sublimation. From designer homewares including bedding, cushions, clipboards and coasters through to high-definition metal prints for photographers and even kitchen splashbacks, there isn’t a product that Ann from Olive Design can’t create for her customers.



Michael, After spending the evening telling my family how wonderful your company is I am just now settling down enough to write back and thank you for being such awesome people. I had been thinking of buying a machine for many months but had no idea how to track down who sold them or even which machine to start looking for (I knew nothing of brand names or quality). One day not so long ago I simply sat down in front of google and must have typed in the right thing because your company was the first one to slap me in the face. From the moment I started to speak with you about the machine I felt I was in very good hands. Your honesty and integrity won me over immediately (these qualities are far different to ′good salesmanship′). I knew I need not bother to shop around or compare prices, I was happy right from the start! I am a true believer in ′things happen for a reason′ and I was definitely directed to sit down at the computer AT THAT MOMENT to find GJS Machinery. You will not be able to comprehend how very grateful we are to you for your outstanding offer to help us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! We hope your stay here is productive as well as pleasant. We look forward to meeting you on Monday. Yours very sincerely, Lisa



I had been thinking long-term about the investment that I wanted to make in regards to apparel and how to get the best value for money. Michael from GJS was a huge help and knowledgable in the way to lead me through what was best, for both now and future growth. When the time comes to update I will be reaching out to the team to do so. I really can't speak highly enough of the team.

Dan Black
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SubliM 7900 24 A1 Dye Sublimation System - 10 Colour

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