Keywell Automatic Full or Half-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine

The Cylinder Screen Printing Machine is used for high productivity industries. It is suitable for printing on paper, stickers, transfer paper, electronic material and much more. It offers high productivity and precision.

Operation Panel
All buttons are integrated into this panel. The printing speed, counter, error message and shown on the touch screen. There is an emergency stop button on each corner of the machine.

Stop Rotary Cylinder
The design of 360° vacuum cylinder is more accurate than the 180° type. It’s stable at high printing speeds.

Applications from offset presses ensure stable and smooth feeding of various substrates. The overlap (stream) or single sheet (universal feeding can easily be customised for different substrates.

Screen Frame Guide Rails
High quality linear ball guide bearings are used for the frame guide rails. This allows for high printing speeds without vibrations.

Printing Head & Cylinder
The squeegee and coater are controlled by cams. Due to positive down cam action, the printing pressure is evenly distributed to the top of the cylinder at all times resulting in a sharp dot reproduction and perfect solid printing. The high accuracy vacuum cylinder surface is comprised of a large shaft and specially made high precision bearings to ensure the highest quality print at high production speeds. The built-in front sensors help to maintain finite registration control.

Feed Board
The press accommodates for a variety of printing substrates and can be automatically handled by the machine. The feed board surface is manufactured with stainless steel which reduces scratching and static electricity when the substrate passes through. It is suitable for printing onto packaging, labels, ceramic transfers, membranes and much more.

Delivery Board
Squeegee/flood coater mounting/discounting is easy as the delivery board can be pushed down by 90°. Delivery belts assure the smooth and stable delivery of various substrates.

Rack Disengagement
The screen frame is locked with the pneumatic clamps on the main frame. As the screen is unlocked and pulled out to the delivery end, the feeding conditions of substrates can be checked, readjusted and corrected. Electronic sensors allow the master frame to be reengaged in perfect register. Due to this, the cylinder and screen mesh are easily cleaned without removing the screen frame and altering the registration.

Side Lay
Side lays are installed onto both sides of the feed board as standard. Side lays can be quickly changed from pull to push, for heavy or thick substrates, with a simple press of a switch. The side lay sensor is standard and improves quality control for accurately registered jobs.

Full-Turn models highlighted by ´A´ model number suffix.


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Keywell Automatic Full or Half-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine - KW-72A
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GJS Code: 110030

Keywell Automatic Full or Half-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine - KW-72
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Keywell Automatic Full or Half-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine - KW-86A
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Keywell Automatic Full or Half-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine - KW-86
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Keywell Automatic Full or Half-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine - KW-105A
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Keywell Automatic Full or Half-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine - KW-105
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Michael, After spending the evening telling my family how wonderful your company is I am just now settling down enough to write back and thank you for being such awesome people. I had been thinking of buying a machine for many months but had no idea how to track down who sold them or even which machine to start looking for (I knew nothing of brand names or quality). One day not so long ago I simply sat down in front of google and must have typed in the right thing because your company was the first one to slap me in the face. From the moment I started to speak with you about the machine I felt I was in very good hands. Your honesty and integrity won me over immediately (these qualities are far different to ′good salesmanship′). I knew I need not bother to shop around or compare prices, I was happy right from the start! I am a true believer in ′things happen for a reason′ and I was definitely directed to sit down at the computer AT THAT MOMENT to find GJS Machinery. You will not be able to comprehend how very grateful we are to you for your outstanding offer to help us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! We hope your stay here is productive as well as pleasant. We look forward to meeting you on Monday. Yours very sincerely, Lisa

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Keywell Automatic Full or Half-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine

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